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XV-oji specializuota FCI 4 grupės paroda “Taksų klubo nugalėtojas 2023”

2023 5 gegužės - 2023 5 gegužės

9:00 AM - 17:00 PM

15th Specialty Show for FCI group 4


May, 26 2023
Molėtai, Lithuania

Judge:  John Wauben (NL)

REGISTRACIJA: LKD klubų ir partnerių nariams*
iki 2023-05-05 LTMK nariams**

iki 2023-05-05

Šuo  40 € 30 €
Šuniukai, mažyliai, veteranai  20 € 20 €
Porų, veislynų, reproduktorių konkursai  20 € 20 €

Registracijos apmokėjimas tik išankstinis. Dokumentus ir mokestį klubas turi gauti iki nurodytos datos.
*Ne LKD klubų ar partnerių nariams kaina dviguba.
**Klubo nario kainos galioja, kai klubo narys yra šuns savininkas arba bendrasavininkas.



First dog 50 €
Minor puppy,  puppy and veterans classes 20 €
Competitions (Brace, Progeny, Breeder’s group) 20 €
ENTRY FEES Till 05-05-2023*
First dog 50 €
Minor puppy,  puppy and veterans classes 20 €
Competitions (Brace, Progeny, Breeder’s group) 20 €

*The entry form and payment or guarantee letter should be received till this date.


KL.JN‘23 Club Junior Winner

LT CAC    Challenge Certificate for the Lithuanian Champion

KL.N‘23 Club Winner

KL.VN‘23 Club Veteran Winner

BOB Best of Breed

BOS Best of Opposite Sex


All documents must be sent by e-mail: ltmklubas@gmail.com;

Please send entry forms, attach copies of pedigree and a copy of guarantee letter.  If you enter your dog to working class, please add the working certificate copy. If you enter your dog to champion class, please add a copy of the champion title confirmation.The dogs breed will be registered as it is specified in pedigree. You will receive the confirmation of entry by e-mail.

Change of dogs or entry’s cancelling unacceptable.

BANK ACCOUNT (the sender must cover all the expenses connected with the payments):

Lietuvos taksu myletoju klubas

Bank account No. LT047044060007658467 (IBAN code),

AB SEB bankas, bank code 70440

Gedimino pr. 12, LT-01103 Vilnius, Lithuania



All dogs participating in the show must have a valid certificate of vaccination against rabies. In case of the first time vaccination or expired vaccination at least 21 days must have passed between the vaccination and the show day.

If unforeseen circumstances occur, the show committee reserves the right to make changes for judge, to stop registration or to add additional judge. The show committee keeps the right to close registration when the number of entries reaches 100 participants.

MORE INFORMATION: https://www.taksuklubas.lt, www.kinologija.lt


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