We are a family owned business now in our third generation. With more than 45 years of kennel experience and selective breeding, we guarantee that our dogs are not only the best of its kind but the most probably world's best.
Selective Breeding
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In-house Training
veis. Ieva Basokė +37061140206 El.paštas: ievabasoke@gmail.com daugiau info Facebook paskyroje https://www.facebook.com/ievales
Veterinary care
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Perfect Genetics

We have a team of experts and a small on-site lab. Generations of our dogs are tracked for any gene expression deviations.

Extraordinary Results

Tons of awards and trophies from all over the world. It's the result of investment and many years of hard work. We are so proud!

Dreamland ranch in Ramapo Mountains
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Meet our Champions!